TN Cropped Vest Top

TN Cropped Vest Top

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 TN Silhouette embroidery on Cropped Vest Top

Choose a maximum of 2 embroidery colours for this design.

Please state the colour/s as specifically as possible in the 'Embroidery Thread Colour' text-box in this order.  

1st Colour - Main Shoe

2nd Colour - Swoosh / Tick Colour

e.g : Bright Red + Royal  Blue

For all embroidery in the same colour, just state one colour.

e.g : Baby Blue 

Please try to be as specific as possible with your desired colours. For example, instead of just saying 'Pink', try to specify what shade of pink you would like.

e.g : Baby Pink or Hot Pink

If you are unsure what shade you would like, make a note in the checkout and we will choose the shade that we think would work best :)